Yankee Clipper Peak Crew at Blake Island

The Eastside Peak Crew of the Sea Scout Ship Yankee Clipper took advantage of our amazing warm sunny spring, and took the ship to Blake Island this past weekend.  Mate Ben Hess filed a report…with a video you have to see.      – Dan

Blake 2


Peak Crew takes the Clipper Out     – Ben Hess

To be on the water this weekend (in any capacity) was a real treat. For early May, it felt like August out there–bright sun, blue sky, and enough wind on Saturday to sail the Yankee Clipper.

Here are some highlights.

-this is our crew’s first time to Blake Island. What a great place! It is incredible to be in woodland and look across a short distance to the lights of Seattle.

-on the way out of the locks, we met one of the former skippers of the Yankee Clipper who happened to be on the boat next to us. He first became the skipper when he was 20 years old! He then “retired” when he was 26. He had some stories to tell.

-Saturday morning after colors, leadership training, and seamanship training, we hiked around the island. Mr. Shipley told stories of the infamous flying slugs on Blake Island…and then (to our surprise) one flew out of the woods from behind us and hit him in the shoulder!

-when we got back from the hike, we were hot enough to do a swim call. After leaving the marina and tying up to a mooring buoy, the crew decide to try the fabled halyard swing where you launch yourself off one side of the boat, swing around the bow sprit, and drop off on the other side of the boat abeam of where you started. Can such a thing be done?…take a look at this video and see for yourself:


-after swim call, the wind picked up and were able to sail into Elliot Bay. It was fun to remember how to sail the YC…we haven’t sailed her since long cruise, which was way too long ago!

-to wrap up the activities, we conducted a LIVE man overboard drill…meaning we threw someone overboard. After some sort of unfair negotiation (which I lost), I was nominated as the “body” used for the drill. This gave the crew an opportunity to try out the life sling and experience what it’s really like to hoist a person (dead weight) out of the water and back on board.

Finally…back to PacFish safe and sound.

Great weekender…enjoy the pictures.

Blake 3 Blake1 Blake 5 Blake 4


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