Corinthan Yacht Club Hosts Sea Scout Ship Yankee Clipper Training for 2015

Thirteen teens and 6 adult leaders from the Sea Scout Ship Yankee Clipper spent Sunday January 11th at Corinthian Yacht Club in Seattle for Quarterdeck training in preparation for their upcoming 2015 sailing season.  The Corinthian Yacht Club is the wintertime meeting base for the Yankee Clipper, which has been operating continuously in Seattle since 1930.


Kathy Hinson, who has done Quarterdeck Training for the Sea Scout Ship Odyssey for many years helped the Clipper out by providing the three hour training session. During the meeting the Sea Scouts worked on the Vision for their vessel in 2015, and on how to manage the various aspect of the ship’s planning.

They also took time out for a “Speed Getting To Know Your Crew” exercise where they sat across a table, had two minutes to deeply get to know the Scout across the way, and then everyone shifted one seat to the left to start it all over again.

WP_20150111_009 WP_20150111_006

The 85 year old Boy Scout unit’s current vessel is an historic 54 foot wooden gaff rigged ketch.

In the last year the Yankee Clipper has made two long cruises into the San Juan Islands, attended Seattle’s Wooden Boat and Fall Fishermen’s Festivals, cruised throughout the central Puget Sound on weekends, participated in the Bremerton Yacht Club’s Heavy Weather Predicted Log Race, and  attended three Northwest Sea Scout Regattas.

If you and your teens think Sea Scouting sounds like fun, contact Yankee Clipper Committee Chair Dan Leach at

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